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Paradise Arabians is home to the foundation broodmares and offspring of over 70 straight Egyptian Arabian horse breeding programs. With this kind of selection, Paradise and its world-famous herd can be a one-stop shop for the serious breeder. Below, see a list of our straight Egyptian Arabian horses for sale.

Arabian Show Fillies

Starrs Jazira
(Scapa x LL Shara Starr)
2009 Grey Straight Egyptian Filly
2012 Egyptian Event Contender
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Elegancia Al Jannat
(The Singleton x Erie Anna)
2010 Bay Straight Egyptian Filly
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(Scapa x Asmara Ali)
2010 Bay Straight Egyptian Filly
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Mahrah Maleekah
2010 Bay Straight Egyptian Filly
(The Singleton x Lady Quintessa)
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Un-named 2010 Grey Filly
(Scapa x Minstrils Fair Lady)
Straight Egyptian
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Noor Al Jannat
(Scapa x BFA Francesca)
2008 Straight Egyptian Grey Filly
Multiple Egyptian Event and Class A Winner!
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Marah Nabila
2008 Chestnut Straight Egyptian Filly
(The Singleton x Minstrils Nafia)
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Amira Scapina
(Scapa x Bint Princess Shawra)
2010 Straight Egyptian Filly
Class A Winner!

Qetashs Pleasure
(The Singleton x Thee Crystabelle RTM)
2010 Straight Egyptian Filly

Psychedelic Magic
(Magic Dream CAHR x Psydney PGA)
2008 Bay Purebred Mare
Multiple Halter Champion and Saddle Trained!
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Shahrazads Magda Dame
(The Singleton x For Elise)
2010 Straight Egyptian Chestnut Filly
2011 Egyptian Event Top-Ten & Class A Champion!



Barriy Qasaam
(The Minstril x Lady FA Moniet)
1999 grey Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare In foal to The Singleton for 2012

Infidels Jewel
(Thee Infidel x La Jolla Negro)
2001 Chestnut Straight Egyptian Mare In Foal to Scapa for 2012

Asmara Ali
(Thee Desperado x Nelly Bee)
2003 Straight Egyptian Chestnut Mare
Producer of Egyptian Event and Class A Winners!


Finolas Jamila
(Thee Desperado x Finolas Dream)
2003 Grey Straight Egyptian Mare
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Lady Sexton
(Thee Outlaw x Tarong Shahalla)
1998 Bay Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare In Foal to The Singleton for 2012
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Sabah Sala
(The Minstril x A K Tashrifa)
1999 Grey Straight Egyptian Mare In Foal to The Singleton for 2012
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Malawi PG Sold!
(Botswana x  Kuy Maya)
2003 Straight Egyptian Mare in foal to Scapa for 2012 (April 14)
Futurity Champion 2004 Egyptian Event!
Pedigree  2012 Baby’s Pedigree

S A Kamillah
(The Elixir x Kindred Spirit SG)
2000 Straight Egyptian Bay Mare
Halter and Western Pleasure Winner and Producer of Halter Winners!
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Intaada FA
(The Source CC x Thee Muyamman)
2003 Grey Straight Egyptian Mare



Rabbani Al Jannat
(The Singleton x Deevine Intervention)
2008 Straight Egyptian Bay Stallion
Multiple Egyptian Event Reserve Championships To His Credit!
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Amir Al Jannat
(Thee Asil x Thee Alia Saleema)
2009 Grey Straight Egyptian Stallion Prospect!
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Farid Al Jannat
(The Singleton x Respect Me)
2010 Straight Egyptian Bay Colt
2011 Egyptian Event Reserve Champion! 

El Riyah Antar
(Scapa x Ibriiziy Infidel)
2010 Grey Colt
Champion Egyptian Event 2011!
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Nejmat Al Jannat
(The Singeton x Stellaah)
2011 Straight Egyptian Bay Colt
Making his showring Debut in 2012!
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Kareem Al Jannat  Sold!
(The Singleton x Lady Quintessa)
2009 Bay Straight Egyptian Gelding
2011 Egyptian Event Reserve Champion!
Started Under Saddle and Loving It!
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