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Paradise Arabians is home to the foundation broodmares and offspring of over 70 straight Egyptian Arabian horse breeding programs. With this kind of selection, Paradise and its world-famous herd can be a one-stop shop for the serious breeder. Below, see a list of our straight Egyptian Arabian horses for sale.

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Arabian Show Fillies

Simply Eriesistible 7.10.14 DSC_0316 a
Simply Eriesistible
(Scapa x Thee Midnight Angel)
2011 Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Mare
Egyptian Event JTH Champion, ATH Champion, Most Classic Head Champion

Angels Envy 5.2.14 DSC_0223
Angels Envy
(The Singleton x Mahroussat Mishaal)
2012 Straight Egyptian Filly
Class “A” Reserve Jr. Champion
Pedigree Video

 Eeman Al Jannat 5.22.14 DCS_0731c2
Eeman Al Jannat – SOLD!
2013 Grey Filly
Scapa x Marah Nabila
Pedigree Video

2014 Maalis Breeze Filly 5.8.14 DCS_0224
Bint Al Nasseem MCA
(Scapa x Maalis Breeze)
2014 Grey Filly
Pedigree Video

Al Aneeqah
(Scapa x Shenanigans MCA)
2011 Grey Straight Egyptian Filly
2012 Egyptian Event winner & Class “A” Jr. Champion!
Pedigree Video

MJ Scapas Mist 7.24.12  DSC_0198c
MJ Scapas Mist

(Scapa x Ibriiziy Infidel)
2011 Grey Straight Egyptian Filly
Egyptian Event Winner!

 Mahrah Maleekah 10.3.13 DSC_0161
Mahrah Maleekah
(The Singleton x Lady Quintessa)
2010 Straight Egyptian Bay Filly
Egyptian Event Top 5 Winner!

Fassahat Al Shahrazad
(Karin Amin Al Jannat x For Elise)
2012 Straight Egyptian Filly
Pedigree Video



Bint Sharzad 7.16.14 DSC_0128
Bint Sharzad
(The Singleton x The Sharzad)
2008 Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
Proven Producer


Amer Nadirah 7.25.14 DSC_0202
Amer Nadirah – SOLD!
(Laheeb Al Nasser x LL Nadia)
2011 Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Mare


Ahlam Al Jannat 7.17.14 DSC_0038
Ahlam Al Jannat – SOLD!
(The Singleton x Stellaah)
2010 Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Mare
In-foal to Scapa for 2015


Anisa LM 7.17.14 DSC_0284
Anisa LM SOLD!

(Thee Integrity x Malawi PG)
2010 Straight Egyptian Arabian Mare
In foal to Scapa for 2015


Shahrazads Magda Dame
(The Singleton x For Elise)
2010 Straight Egyptian Chestnut Mare
Multiple Egyptian Event Top-Ten & Class A Champion!
Pedigree Video


Sabah Sala LEASED!
(The Minstril x A K Tashrifa)
1999 Grey Straight Egyptian Mare In Foal to The Singleton for 2014
Pedigree  Watch Video



MJ Scapas Victory 4.4.14 DSC_0279 a
MJ Scapas Victory
(Scapa x Ibriiziy Infidel)
2012 Bay Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Colt
Alabama All Arabian Class “A” Jr. Champion Colt

Bahiij 5.13.14 DSC_0020
(Justynn x Aleeyah Shama MC)
2012 Bay Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Colt
2013 Egyptian Breeders Challenge Reserve Champion!

2014 Bint Sharzad colt 5.6.14 DSC_0071
Al Hilal SBS
(Scapa x Bint Sharzad)
2014 Grey Straight Egyptian Colt
Pedigree Video

Basiim 5.22.14 DCS_0233
(Laheeb Al Nasser x Aleeyah Shama MC)
2012 Grey Straight Egyptian, Al Khamsa Colt
2013 Egyptian Event Futurity Champion!

2012 SoVivacious Colt 8.24.13 DSC_0018

So Vivacious Colt 2012 SOLD!
(Scapa x So Vivacious)
2012 Grey Straight Egyptian Colt
Pedigree Video

2012 So La Vie Colt 9.4.13 DSC_0170

So La Vie Colt
(Scapa x So La Vie)
2012 Grey Straight Eygptian Colt
Pedigree Video

Eureka Zaki 5.22.14 DCS_0561
Eureka Zaki

(Scapa x Dianaah)
2011 Grey Straight Egyptian Colt
Egyptian Event Winner & Class “A” Supreme Champion!
Pedigree Video


Jassehr Razeel 002

Jassehr Razeel - SOLD!
Scapa x Lady Sexton
2012 Bay Straight Egyptian Gelding
Pedigree Video

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