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The Minstril Leaves Paradise Arabians

Wednesday, September 1st, 2010

The Minstril has moved on to Greener Pastures!

The Minstril (Ruminaja Ali x *Bahila)
Paradise Arabians Ltd.  owner Gary Kenworthy shares:


 It is with a very heavy heart that we must inform the world that an icon has died. On Friday, August 27, 2010, The Minstril (Ruminaja Ali x *Bahila) left this world.  At the time of his passing, he was the second-leading living sire of Egyptian Arabian horses in the world, only beaten out by his son, Thee Desperado (x AK Amiri Asmarr). An Arabian Horse World Legacy Sire, he was known for producing champion halter and performance winners around the world. The Minstril’s legacy will live on for generations to come.

 His human family remembers him fondly. Longtime owner Judy Sirbasku shared, “Owning The Minstril when he and his son, Thee Desperado, went Top Ten at both the Canadian and U.S. Nationals is something I will always cherish,’ Judy says. “The Minstril blessed us with Thee Desperado and many special mares–for this we will always be grateful.” Former groom and trainer Shawn Crews adds, “I had the pleasure of qualifying him for his National competition, and he was a natural. Just when you thought he had given you all he had, he would give even more–even better.” Breeder and former owner David Gardner shares, “My wife Marion and I experienced the passing of The Minstril with deep emotions–an equal mixture of sadness and fond memories. He was a major influence in the renaissance of beautiful, elegant Arabian horses in the image of Abbas Pasha. A note of thanks to Shawn Crews for her personal love for The Minstril, and to Judy Sirbasku and the Kenworthys for their respectful care of The Minstril.”

 We are honored to have been a part of The Minstril’s journey. In May, he was the featured horse at our annual May Day event, and many people traveled from around the country to meet him for the first time or to reconnect with him. He pranced proudly as the music played and he entered the arena to cheers and applause. When people posed for photos with him, he raised his regal head and even squealed as if to say, “Don’t forget who you have the privilege of standing next to! I am ALLOWING you to be in my royal presence.” He was “king” in the barn and thoroughly enjoyed his hand walks in the pasture to survey what he had produced; his “family,” which includes the very first Arabian we ever bought, his beautiful black daughter Alia Riyala (x Aliala).

Early on August 27, he was down and had no interest in getting up.  When I went into his stall to check on him, I patted him on the neck, he raised his head to look at me, acknowledged my presence and then, as if to say “Thank you; I’m ready,” he laid his head back down in the straw and closed his eye. I think he was telling me that he was done.

He had fought the good fight with that leg he had broken nearly 10 years ago, but the arthritis had finally taken its toll.  Having to rely too much on his good leg eventually resulted in the inevitable.

At the age of 26, he was done. In spite of his body giving out on him, his spirit and attitude belied any pain he may have been suffering. I think he was happy that he got to spend his last days at Paradise.  We are certainly happy to have had him here. All the staff is deeply saddened as they had come to love him, as have I for these many years.  They called him “Grandpa” and we all loved his zest for life, right up to the end.

A permanent marker will be placed near his grave in his honor and anyone wishing to pay homage to him may do so. He will be missed. It was a sad day at Paradise, and I’m sure Egyptian breeders all around the world grieve with us.  Goodbye old friend.  We all owe you a great debt and you will live in our hearts forever!

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